• Do you sell  rebuild kits  or parts

The problem with most of the kits on the market today is they are not complete. They don't address why the regulator failed in the first place. Many times the cables are the wrong length.  After a failure there is often damage to the regulator and or motor. Just because the motor still runs doesn't mean it will deliver reliable power going forward. Proper speed and torque are important.  In short the customer is often left feeling frustrated .

  • How long does your service take

Our service is fast ! In most cases it only takes 24 hours after we receive your part.

  • My auto is not listed can you rebuild it

 Yes.  As long as it is OEM or original equipment.

  • Do you sell foreign aftermarket parts

Because of reliability issues we quit selling them years ago. The price is very appealing but what's your time worth replacing it time after time?

  • Do you have free tech support

Yes. Please call 800.252.2649 Monday-Friday 9-5 EST

  • What does your service provide

Our technicians evaluate your window motor and regulator  to see where the failure occurred. This  gives us vital information as to what caused the failure and how to prevent  it from happening in the  future.  With this information we can alert our customers if changes need to be made on their vehicle.

Your window motor and regulator is completely disassembled , cleaned and inspected. Worn and broken parts are replaced. New high flex air craft quality cables replace the old ones. Modifications and updates are preformed. All parts are lubed and reassembled by technicians with decades of experience. Final bench test and inspection is completed.

Once the evaluation is complete

  • Do you sell used regulators

The problem with used parts is after the installation is complete you're no better off than you were before the failure occured. Even if the doner car is a low mileage car. In most cases the failure occured because of age, and heat related stress.  Think of your regulator as a mini wench. It hoists the glass up and down in your car. The cable is under a lot of stress all of the time. Inside you car door the temperatures can exceed well over 100 degrees from the hot sun. Over time this heat and pressure causes plastic parts to fail.  So even if the doner car has less mileage than your vehicle the plastic spools and rollers on the regulator many times aren't  in any better condition. We recommend on older cars to pull both and have them rebuilt at the same time. This is a way to save labor cost and time going back to the shop to replace the other side.